This school was absolutely perfect for our daughter. They were extremely warm, welcoming, loving and our daughter was always wanting to go back to school. I wish it would run every day! Whenever my daughter would come home she came home with her projects full of pride and joy. She’d have stories to tell us and that made me so happy because we knew she was learning not only academic skills but social skills as well. I recommend this school for any parent who is nervous about putting their children in preschool as it is a gentle start and the staff are extremely kind and love what they do.

- Gemma

Overall, we couldn't have been happier with our daughter's preschool experience. She started out this year being extremely shy and has slowly come out of her shell throughout the year, with the help of her wonderful teachers - Mrs. Sepe and Mrs. Carasio. I thought it was the perfect curriculum for age 4 preschool, and the emails home have been wonderful. We look forward to sending both our daughters to FPP next year!

My son attended the Focus on Five program a few years ago. My daughter is currently in the three-year-old class, and we are looking forward to her attending the four-year-old class next year. Flemington Presbyterian Preschool is everything that I want a school to be for my children. Most importantly, every single staff member has taken the time to get to know each of my children and has supported them in whatever way they need. The staff is very knowledgeable about children's developmental readiness, and they strike a perfect balance between preparing the children for future academic success and allowing them to be little. I have been extremely pleased with how much my children have grown academically, socially, and emotionally while attending their respective classes at FPP. They both looked forward to going to school and created lasted memories with their teachers and friends that they met there. FPP is truly a wonderful place!

This is a pre-school with a great staff, curriculum and personality - everyone is very experienced, warm, caring and truly dedicated to their work with these tiny people. My daughter loved going here, and my son attends now - we've been enrolled at FPP for 4 years now, and we wouldn't ever consider anywhere else!

I was very pleased with the academic instruction and loved all of the creative projects. We had lots of fun on Pumpkin Carving Night, and my family enjoyed Family Fun Night! A lot of attention was given to my child, I loved both teachers, and they are going to be missed.