Our Staff

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Joanna Lentine, Director, 3s

Mrs. Lentine has been teaching at FPP for several years, in both the Threes and Fours classes. She is a lifelong member of Flemington Presbyterian Church and became interested in FPP through her work on FPC's Christian Education Committee. Mrs. Lentine taught middle school for six years, until 1999, and has taught Sunday School and Bible School while raising her four children. She feels privileged to be working in early childhood education and helping FPP expand and grow.

Contact Mrs .Lentine:  fppnjinfo@gmail.com

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Anna Carasio, 4s

Mrs. Carasio is a certified preschool teacher with over 20 years of experience, and we have been fortunate to have her at FPP since 2007. Married with two grown children, she enjoys gardening, cooking and traveling in her spare time. Mrs. Carasio's vast teaching experience includes our Fours/Fives program, the Threes program, and her current position teaching our Fours. Her passion for early childhood education and her students manifests in an array of songs, games and activities that entice children and adults alike. Should you pass by her classroom, you may ask yourself who is having more fun: the children or their teacher?!

Contact Mrs. Carasio:  fppnj4@gmail.com


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Andrea Ditchey, 4/5s

Ms. Ditchey has been teaching our Fours/Fives program at FPP since 2013. She has been in the education field for over 20 years and holds degrees in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Supervision and Administration. Ms. Ditchey has two children who keep her very busy. She enjoys music, sports, outdoor activities and fitness. You may recognize her from Healthquest where she has been an instructor for over seven years. Ms. Ditchey considers herself blessed to be a part of any child's education.

Contact Ms. Ditchey:  fppnjfocus@gmail.com


Cathy Runk, 3s

Mrs. Runk joined FPP as a four-year-olds' enrichment teacher. She has also taught the 2.5-year-old class and currently co-teaches the Three-year-old class. For the past ten years, Mrs. Runk has had many wonderful early childhood experiences including teaching Sunday School and Vacation Bible School preschoolers at Flemington Presbyterian Church, teaching after-school enrichment classes (science, cooking and team-building games), and volunteering at the church nursery, church youth activities and Cub Scouts. Her interests include road trip adventures with her family, hiking, biking, camping, piano and photography. But her favorite thing to do is cheer on her two boys in their sports and other activities!

Contact Mrs. Runk:  fppnj3@gmail.com


Deb Sepe, 4s

Mrs. Sepe has been teaching at FPP for eight years and has taught the Threes, Fours,  Fours/Fives and enrichment programs.  Her two sons had wonderful experiences at FPP, which sparked her desire to continue to be affiliated with the school. She earned her Child Development Associate in 2011 and is thrilled to be a part of our young children's lives. When she's not working, Mrs. Sepe enjoys traveling, gardening, bike riding, reading and supporting her children in their hobbies and activities.

Contact Mrs. Sepe:  fppnj4@gmail.com


Jill DePaola, 3s

Mrs. D has been with FPP for several years and has worked in all of our classes. She says it's the highlight of her week! Mrs. D has two grown boys of her own and came back to preschool for the hugs and laughs.



Marissa Brown, 4/5s

FPP is thrilled to have Mrs. Brown back with us this year! She brings many years of elementary teaching experience and was a school principal as well. Mrs. Brown has also published several articles and shared in the development of a leadership and service program for elementary students.  Most recently, Mrs. Brown supervised student teachers at Monmouth University and conducted professional development seminars. Mrs. Brown is a mother of two young children and likes to read, play piano, go to the beach and bake. Her enthusiasm and love for children is evident in everything she does!

Contact Mrs. Brown:  fppnjfocus@gmail.com


Sarah Madovoy, 2.5s

Ms. Sarah graduated Magna Cum Laude from The College of New Jersey in 2004.  She earned teaching certificates in both Elementary Education and in Mathematics.  She was new to teaching the two and a half year old class during the 2017-2018 school year; however, she was not new to Flemington Presbyterian Preschool.  She has been an FPP mom since 2014 and started out volunteering to run the “lunch bunch” program in the fall of 2015.  She began substitute teaching that same school year and has experience with all of the classes.  She participates annually at both FPP’s summer camp and the Flemington Presbyterian Church’s Vacation Bible School.  She has six children of her own who keep her busy, but she still finds time for crocheting and the outdoors.  She loves teaching at Flemington Presbyterian Preschool!

Contact Ms. Sarah:  fppnj2@gmail.com