What's Happening in our search for a new pastor?

The search for a pastor follows a series of steps designed to make sure that the church and the new pastor will be a good fit. Congregational input is key to this process. Check back here to see the progress that is being made in our search.

Steps to finding a new pastor:


✓   A mission study is done.

This has been done through the Butterfly Project.

✓  A Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is formed.

The Nominating Committee formed a slate of nominations. This was voted on in the congregational meeting on June 25th and approved. The members of the Pastor Nominating Committee are Diane Becker, Jacob D'Amico, Laura Flessner, Alberta Madsen, Alex Philip, Emily Russell, and Garry Wilbor. You can email the PNC at pnc@flemingtonpres.org.

☞  The PNC creates our Mission Information Form (MIF), which, after review by the Session and the congregation, goes to the Committee on Ministry for review. After this review process, the MIF will be posted to elicit responses from pastors seeking a position.

◻︎  The PNC reviews the responses and narrows down the candidates, starts interviewing, checking references and having candidates vetted.

◻︎  The final candidate is presented to Session and to the congregation and is voted on by the congregation.

Update from the Nominating Committee, June 12, click here.

Update from the Nominating Committee, June 18, click here

While the PNC is working hard to find a permanent pastor for our church, a smaller committee is engaged in finding an interim pastor to fill in after Pastor Wonjae Choi leaves us and before the permanent pastor is hired. Updates to this process will be found here.

Ways that the congregation can be of help:

PRAY! Keep the church and the Pastor Nominating Committee in your prayers as we move through this process.

Understand that while the PNC will do their best to keep the congregation informed, there are times when they will need to maintain confidentiality. Because of this, the congregation needs to feel fully confident in the PNC when we vote on the slate of people nominated for the committee.

Allow the committee time to do a good and careful job in the nominating process, understanding that finding the right pastor for our church takes time and careful consideration.

The PC(USA) has put out a booklet that you may find informative. Here is the link: "On Calling a Pastor"